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    Come Celebrate VICE’s 20th Birthday on December 5th

    Tomorrow, VICE is hosting its biggest party ever for our family and friends to celebrate our 20th anniversary.

    Read more about it here: http://www.vice.com/read/twenty-anniversary-party-post

    They’re  opening up a few hundred spots to our most die-hard fans. Please RSVP with a plus one (email must include both of your names) to [email protected], and we will contact you tomorrow with details about the party if your spot is confirmed.

    The line-up for tomorrow:

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    As usual, the event is only for people who are older than VICE. Anyone under 21 will have to wait until our 40th.

    Photos from their 20th Anniversary Party in Toronto:

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  • Festival Wristband Removal 101


    Ahhh, the blessing and the curse that comes with the arrival of the ultimate summer accessory: a music festival wristband. There’s nothing quite like sliding that decorated lanyard around your hand and cinching it close to your wrist (and your heart) with that fun little bead. There might come a day, despite the loving memories that flash in your head every time you look at it, when you think, “Do I cut this thing off or decide to be buried with it on?” I last about three months, I have some friends that keep theirs on until they unravel.

    For this of you who aren’t about the wristband-til-death life, but don’t want to ruin your fondest keepsake, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve looked into the different kinds of wrist band security systems and how to remove them safely, so that you can save them forever, pass them on to friends, or put them back on whenever you please.

    This is the most comprehensive video we’ve found so far:

    The second method shown in the video above, or the plastic bag method, will work for any of the wrist band security systems, as long as you don’t have your wristband too tight that it won’t fit over your hand.

    Some festivals have moved over to the square shaped bead that secures your wrist band on. This prevents you from being able to twist that little bead off and loosen the bracelet.


    These closures have two little stainless steel teeth that catch the fabric of the bracelet so it doesn’t slide off. The cheat for this is to get a mini- letter opener, or one of the small, metal nail files with the pointed tip and slide it in the closure to bend the teeth. I recommend twisting the fabric if you can so that the fabric doesn’t get caught on the tools.


    For wristbands similar to this, with a sensor as the point of security, we’re still looking for info on their removal… contact us if you break the code.



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    Secret Dinner Parties in New York City

    The secret world of underground dining is the new “it” this year. You’re going to love what’s in-store for you foodie and adventurers in New York City. Thrillist premiered an extensive list of the best places and organizations that throw these shindigs in the city we love.




    You can officially spend a wonderful afternoon affair on the L train while dining on delicious entrees with A Razor, A Shiny Knife. Checkout their upcoming dining events that are sure to keep you want more!




    Maybe you’re a city outdoors type of person that wants to catch some dinner while watching a flick. Checkout Forking Tasty. They throw delicious dinners on rooftops while playing a crowd favorite movie. It’s a great way to meet new people and try delicious tasty treats. Find out more




    One of the more exclusive dinner parties with quite frankly the best chefs in town cooking it up in a Brooklyn loft. You’ll need to get invited, but once you do, you’re going to enter into a new world you’ll never want to leave.Enter if you dare




    Once your throw a dinner party on a helipad or inside of a historic church in New York City, you own the night!  Bringing in chefs from around the world, you’ll be treated to an assortment of adventure and food. Jump on the wait-list for DinnerLab’s upcoming events.


    You can read the original article over on Thrillist.

  • Update on Malibu Island ft. Maroon 5

    Hey Maroon 5 fans!

    It’s been a very hectic few weeks with confusion regarding both the Malibu Island app and RSVP for the Maroon 5 concert. Malibu Rum finally released information on what’s going on, and how fans can get the on the RSVP list to attend this amazing event. I know most of you had problems with the application on their Facebook tab, hopefully we can clear this up tonight.

    Reminder: Tonight is your LAST chance to register.

    First step:

    You’ll need to make your way to the Malibu Rum page on Facebook (CLICK HERE). This will not work on your phone, you’ll need to be on your PC or mobile device that allows you to see Facebook page tabs/apps. You’re going to click on MALIBU ISLAND (See picture below)

    2  Malibu Rum (1)


    Step 2:

    You’re going to login into the app using Facebook. The app will take the information from your profile, which will include your EMAIL, LOCATION, and FULL NAME. This information will be transferred to Malibu Rum, which will use it as your subscription to their app. This information, EMAIL, LOCATION, and FULL NAME will also be used as your registration for the upcoming Maroon 5 concert in New York City (if you have New York as your Facebook location of where you live).

    Malibu Island   Home (2)


    Click “OKAY” for the following pop-up screens:

    Facebook (2)


    Facebook (3)


    Step 4:

    Welcome to Malibu Island. Use your mouse and hover over the boat and click it. There will be a pop-up screen that says “PASSPORT”

    Malibu Island   Home (3)


    Click “EXPLORE” then you’ll see the screen below (Fill it out):

    Malibu Island   Home (4)


    You now confirmed that you’re over 21+, which is a legal requirement to access this app, and to attend the concert.

    You’ll then be prompted back to the Facebook login screen, login with Facebook again, which will direct you to the beach, hover over the boat once more and click to create a passport by clicking “EXPLORE”.

    You’ll then see this page:

    Malibu Island   Home (5)


    Step 5:

    Click the BEACH BAG and you’ll see a screen below:

    Malibu Island   Home (6)


    Upload your photo:

    Malibu Island   Home (7)


    Click SUBMIT and you should see the following screen below:

    Malibu Island   Home (8)


    Share the post (You can customize who sees this link just in case you want to value your privacy, click the button to the left of “Share”)

    Then you’re going to click the boat (Don’t worry, the “SUBMIT screen will still be showing). Once you click the boat you’ll see an image like the one below, search for your name to see if you successfully have a passport:

    Malibu Island   Home (10)

    (Can you see me?)

    Now that you have a passport, you’re now registered, and added to the list for a chance to RSVP to the Maroon 5 concert just like Malibu Rum stated below:

    Matthew Diaz - Photos of Malibu Rum (1)


    Hope this helped you out!!!

  • Empire Drive-In Win Tickets

    Fans interested in winning tickets to an upcoming show at the Empire Drive-In can enter below:

    We’ll pick a few winners randomly.


  • The weekend of Apollo || Free Concerts


    The legendary Apollo theater in Harlem will be hosting an array of amazing concerts that are free for the public. We’re excited to share this with concertgoers, and we hope you can take advantage of these free upcoming shows. BET will be sponsoring these series of concerts for their upcoming second season of Apollo Live season 2. Let’s check them out below:

    Saturday Sept 14:

    Chrisette Michelle @ 5:30PM

    Raheem DeVaughn @ 8:30PM

    Sunday Sept 15:

    Jason Derulo @ 5:30PM

    Elle Varner @ 5:30PM

    Tye Tribbet @ 8:30PM

    Monday Sept 16:

    Asap Rocky + Asap Ferg w/ Asap Mob @ 5:30PM

    Musiq Soulchild + K.Michelle @ 8:30PM

    You’ll need to register for each concert, and you’ll get a confirmation email if chosen to attend.


  • Dumbo Arts Festival 2013


    Each year the DUMBO Arts Festival seeks to highlight Brooklyn’s commitment to and presence in the arts community by presenting the best in local, national, and international art amid the breathtaking backdrop of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan skyline.


    The DUMBO Arts Festival attracts 200,000 visitors over 3 days with the participation of over 500 artists from a variety of disciplines, 100 studios, 50 galleries and stages and 100 programming partners. This year, the Festival will take place on Friday, September 27th, Saturday, September 28th and Sunday, September 29th. The official Festival hours are Friday 6pm to 9pm, Saturday noon to 9pm, Sunday noon to 6pm.Outdoor projections on view through midnight all three nights.


    Art revelers can enjoy: outdoor and indoor visual art installations and exhibitions, digital art and large scale projections, visiting artists in their studios or making murals on the street, dancers, poets as well as performers throughout the neighborhood, on street corners, and in the park.

    Please join us at the Festival that brings DUMBO’s creativity to the world and the world’s creativity to DUMBO every Fall.

    Check out the DUMBO Arts Festival 2012 Highlights Video.



    The DUMBO Arts Festival spans the neighborhood of DUMBO, Brooklyn, between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, including the waterfront. Parking is scarce so public transportation is encouraged, though if driving, set your GPS for 45 Main Street. Biking or walking over the Brooklyn Bridge is a great option from the West.


     to York Street

    Make a right when exiting the train station.

     to High Street

    Walk downhill toward the Brooklyn Bridge on Cadman Plaza West.

     to Clark Street

    Exit the station and make a left onto Henry Street.

    BY BUS

    Take the B25 to the corner of Water Street and Main Street.


    DUMBO is a stop for NY Waterway’s East River Ferry – from Wall St via Hoboken or from stops along the East River. Check their website for fares and schedules. Arriving at the Landing, exit onto Water Street and walk North toward Main Street.


  • Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular 2013 with Cher


    Cher will be performing over at Jersey city as part of the Macy’s 4th of July concert spectacular.

    Be a part of the NBC Macys 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular!

     We have 800 complimentary tickets to attend this special event. We are looking for the most die-hard Cher fans!

    Click here to RSVP

  • illegal Party in Abandoned Subway Station

    Checkout this awesome review of an illegal party in a abandoned train station. Gothamist John Signore had the opportunity to attend this secret underground party, and he gave us a full review of this amazing event. Check out the review below: (All photos are credited to Gothamist)

    At a quarter to midnight on Friday I spotted the man with a wire coming out of his ear and a giant flower on his lapel. He was standing outside a DUMBO subway station, wearing a suit and holding a clipboard just as I’d been promised. I approached nonchalantly, trying to play it cool in that overcompensating manner favored by shady characters. He was telling a small group of ten or so strangers to walk to a nearby pedestrian plaza and await further instructions. “Before We Were Ghosts” had begun.

    A few weeks ago I received an intriguing email from Jeff Stark, the underground impresario known for producing unauthorized site-specific theatrical performances in moving subway cars and abandoned factories. (His weekly events newsletter is also indispensable.) This time Stark was working on another night of illegal mischief coinciding with the Summer Solstice, and he wanted to know if I’d like to cover it. “It’s risky,” he warned.

    No details were provided aside from a subsequent email advising me that “this is an event with some legal and physical risks.” (When I emailed Jake and Jen about the assignment, Jake replied, “You should probably write your name and SS# on your johnson so they can identify you at the morgue.”) A few days before the big night, I was asked to complete an online questionnaire, which revealed that we’d be illegally entering a space dubbed the “Echo Vault, a temporary memory chamber dedicated to sonic experimentation and uncontrolled dance.” I was told to bring a candle, a flashlight, and $20 “for the performers.” Other instructions from the “Echo Vault staff”:

    To remind you, this is an event with some legal and physical risks. If you are uncomfortable with these risks you should not attend. Really. Once the event begins you cannot leave for two hours. Also, there are no bathrooms.

    On Friday, please follow the instructions of all staff. You will be able to identify staff by the flowers on their lapels. When a staff member tells you to do something, even if it is weird or inconvenient, do it, do it, do it.

    This is a private event. Cameras are not allowed. Cell phones must be turned off. Please do not blog or post about the event or its location before or after the event. There will be professional photographers whose images will be available afterward.

    This event involves a significant amount of walking outdoors. Wear comfortable shoes and be prepared for cooler weather. Bring a candle. Bring a flashlight (a real one, not your phone). Bring a drink. Do not bring bulky bags or anything you have to carry. Remember: ladders.

    Candles lined a staircase that wound down several flights, but they didn’t do much good, so the flashlight was crucial. Two thirds of the way down a young woman stumbled past me, hurrying up the stairs without a flashlight, and I turned to shine some light on the steps for her. “How do I get out?” she nervously asked. I followed her back up to the hatch, where some Agents did their best to calm her down, but firmly reminded her that no one would be allowed to leave until the end. She seemed a little upset, but I saw her later and it seemed that she’d happily embraced the Stockholm syndrome.

    A few flights down, the staircase opened up into a series of vast interconnected chambers tagged with graffiti. “Feel free to explore,” one cheerful Agent told me as he rushed past on some official Echo Vault business. The rooms overlooked the so-called Vault, a cavernous space at least five or six stories high, lavishly decorated with graffiti and, at the far end, an elevated level that resembled a concert stage. On it, a drum kit.

  • Discovering a Speakeasy inside of a Watertower

    Seriously, why is New York City so amazing ? Imagine spending an endless night in a water tower perched above a Manhattan building overlooking the tremendous inner-belly of the mean streets of Manhattan. You’re simply enjoying a fantastic celebration of being there, while your friends offer nothing but rancorous resentment that you were able to experience an amazing night. Checkout the details of the splendid night from Tod Seelie & from AnimalNewYork:


    In a vacant New York City water tower, four experience designers created a modern speakeasy called the Night Heron. It was only open for an eight week run, each night risking arrest — the owner of the building never knew of the bar’s presence. Guests were led on a trespass journey through a series of vacant office buildings, up into the skyline, and through a tight trap door. Inside the water tower, the tables and bar were made from scavenged piano parts. Whiskey was the sole liquor.

    Attending the Night Heron was possible only as a gift, pre-paid by a previous guest, and passed to you in the form of a pocket watch that was your entrance token. The resulting crowd spanned all demographics. “People sent their closest (and often to us, least likely) friends in personal acts of trust and generosity,” said Myric Lehner, one of the entrance guides. “We made a bar for an aircraft mechanic and the president of Heineken, for broke, wide-eyed students and rock stars.” (Text by N.D. Austin, Photos: Tod Seelie/ANIMALNewYork)

    If you’re interested in going to events that dare and push your imagination this summer, we welcome you to join our newsletter as we’ll be only inviting members to special, secret, and daring events that will leave you speechless.