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11 Feb 2016

Woodstock 50th Anniversary Festival Might Happen

“Plans are being made for a 50th anniversary Woodstock concert, according to Ulster County resident Michael Lang, the driving force behind the famous festival that attracted hundreds of thousands to Sullivan County in August 1969.

Lang told the Journal that discussions are under way with potential partners and different locations are being explored. An overseas event, in addition to one being planned for the U.S., is possible. Details on potential locations and possible performers were not available.

Lang said he foresees an annual festival, staged with the Woodstock name, continuing on beyond the 50th anniversary.

Woodstock, Lang said, “is the original and most famous festival brand.” He continued, “With the prevalence of festivals out there, and all the excitement about them, maybe it’s time for that,” he said, referring to an annual concert driven by the Woodstock name.

From Mountain Jam and Taste of Country at Hunter Mountain in the Catskills, to Bonnaroo in Tennessee, music festivals have become major draws for large audiences. At the same time, the annual Clearwater Festival in Westchester and Gathering of the Vibes in Connecticut have been canceled for 2016, after drawing crowds for decades.

The Woodstock festival was seen by many as the crowning achievement of the 1960s counter-culture. The festival featured Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Sha-Na-Na, The Who and many others, along with massive crowds.

Woodstock anniversary concerts were held in 1994 in Saugerties and in 1999 in upstate Rome. Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, a performing arts pavilion, sits on the original Woodstock site in Bethel, Sullivan County.”

– John W. Barry, Poughkeepsie Journal

05 Feb 2016

Kanye West Needs 1,200 Paid Extras for His YEEZY Season 3 Fashion Show

“Who hasn’t dreamt of collaborating with musical genius and fashion icon Kanye West? If you’re one of the many, you may have your chance, as Yeezy needs 1,200 extras for his sold-out YEEZY Season 3 fashion show at Madison Square Garden.

The news broke this morning via an email blast sent out to select fans, expressing the need for paid extras.

“Yeezy Season 3 is launching a casting for up to 1,200 paid extras to participate in the exclusive YEEZY Season 3 fashion show, and premiere of Kanye West’s upcoming album at Madison Square Garden on February 11.”

Those chosen will receive a payment of $50 to $80 USD for participating.

Those interested in applying to be a paid extra, follow here for the details.


02 Feb 2016

PEPSI will build a Pepsi-Fused Restaurant in New York City

“Behind black doors, what used to be a trendy restaurant in New York had been stripped to its concrete bones. Wires and cables snaked along the floor. Ceiling lights twinkled in the gloom.

There was no sign of the brand behind the renovation: Pepsi.

Known for its beverages, Pepsi is now moving into the restaurant business. The 5,000-square-foot space — on the same block as Milk Studios in Chelsea (Pepsi insists it resides in the ultrahip meatpacking district) — will become Kola House, a restaurant-bar-event space that the company hopes will be both social hub and testing ground for new products.

“This isn’t a pop-up,” said Seth Kaufman, PepsiCo’s chief marketing officer for beverages in North America. “This is something much bigger than that.”

Mr. Kaufman said he wanted Kola House to offer visitors “a premium experience,” and to that end, it will not be plastered with the Pepsi logo or filled with Pepsi products. Everything at Kola House will be centered on the kola nut, a bitter fruit that contains caffeine and gives cola beverages their name. Essentially, Pepsi is trying to market its product without marketing its product.

Mr. Kaufman’s ambitions may seem outsize for a space still under construction. But his vision reflects how brands are trying to connect with consumers in ways beyond TV commercials and online ads.

Kola House is designed for the social media age. However grandiose, Pepsi’s goal is that visitors — particularly influential ones — will talk about Kola House on Facebook and Twitter and post pictures on Instagram.

PepsiCo, the parent company of the Pepsi brand, reported that its sales dropped 5 percent in the third quarter, to $16.3 billion, though it said its North American beverage business was performing well. Still, Americans are turning away from sugary sodas and drinks, and brands like Pepsi are trying to come up with new ways to bolster their image and attract consumers.

“People consume content with a speed that we’ve never experienced before,” said Mauro Porcini, head of design for PepsiCo. “That’s why, to be relevant online in these conversations, these companies need to activate offline in the best possible way.”

With Kola House, Pepsi is following in the footsteps of other consumer brands that have opened upscale spaces in fashionable neighborhoods. The yogurt company Chobani, for example, opened a flagship cafe in SoHo in 2012, where customers can snack on sweet and savory yogurt combinations. In 2015, Nike opened a showroom and fitness studio, also in SoHo, called 45 Grand. And of course, Apple is perhaps the king of turning stores around the world into sleek spaces where consumers go to hang out, not just buy products.

Consumer companies that set up shop in hip areas are trying to seem more on the edge and exclusive, said Allen Adamson, a branding expert and the former chairman for North America at Landor Associates, a global brand company.

The danger for a big, mainstream brand like Pepsi, however, is that it will look more like a dad at a high school party than a member of the cool kids club.

“They could be in the right place, but just because they’re hanging out with the right brands doesn’t mean they’re going to attract the right buzz,” Mr. Adamson said. “While they can buy Super Bowl spots, they can’t buy edge, they can’t buy panache, they can’t buy sizzle.”

Pepsi is still working out the final details of Kola House. It has not yet named an executive chef, and the menu is undecided. The company is aiming for a spring opening, but it does not have a firm date. There are no plans at the moment to open permanent Kola Houses in other cities. (There are, however, plans to have temporary Kola Houses at big events like Lollapalooza.)
“This will continue to be something we learn from,” he said. “A year after it launches, there will be components of it that look different than when it launched because that’s what marketers need to do these days.”

Since Pepsi is new to the hospitality business, it has teamed up with Lenny Kravitz’s design firm, Kravitz Design, and The Metric, the group behind Gilded Lily, a club below the Kola House space. Alex Ott, a well-known bartender (“We call him ‘alchemist,’ not ‘mixologist.’ Don’t call Alex a mixologist,” Mr. Porcini said), will create the cocktails.

Pepsi declined to say how much Kola House would cost to operate or for how long the company had rented the space. But Mr. Kaufman said it was a “significant undertaking” that was being run by the marketing department.

Pepsi is expected to introduce the Kola House concept in San Francisco in the days leading up to Super Bowl 50. Pepsi will also sponsor the Super Bowl halftime show and run a television commercial during the game that will focus on music and well-known songs.

Before the game, Pepsi will set up what it is calling a modular Kola House (“rather than a pop-up,” Mr. Kaufman said). There it plans to serve kola sliders, made with wagyu beef and caramelized onions, and beef tartare with caviar and kola truffle aioli. On the beverage menu is a drink called East Meets West, a pearlescent, vodka-based cocktail with kola bitters.

The permanent Kola House in New York will include space for live entertainment.

Mr. Kaufman and Mr. Porcini both emphasized that the Pepsi branding would be subtle — a logo here or there, but nothing too obvious.

“Consumers will love your brand because your brand enables you to have the experience, but they don’t want to have the brand in their face,” Mr. Porcini said. “It needs to be very subtle, elegant, sophisticated.”

To that end, he said, there will be a small Pepsi logo on the sculpturelike bar fixture, but there will not be bottles of Pepsi and bags of Fritos lying around.

“We are in a time where we have to transform how we connect with and engage consumers,” Mr. Kaufman said. “If brands don’t do that today, they will be irrelevant tomorrow, whatever tomorrow is.””

Written by Sydney Ember via cnbc

01 Feb 2016

Nintendo World is Having a Giant Party!

We’re hard at work powering-up the Nintendo World store with a new design (including a 15-foot gaming screen!) and lots of fun and surprises.

Join us starting Feb. 19 to celebrate the grand reopening of Nintendo NY, where everyone comes to play! A gaming paradise in the center of New York City. Located in Rockefeller Center, Nintendo World offers over 10000 square feet of hands on entertainment. When the store re-opens on Feb. 19, that will serve as the kickoff of a weekend-long celebration. Nintendo is promising a big party, including giveaways and appearances by a couple of familiar faces, specifically Mario and Luigi. Visitors can also expect special souvenirs, such as a Mario or Link t-shirt, that will only be available during this renovation celebration.


Nintendo of America Executive VP of Sales and Marketing Scott Moffitt explained in a press release that the renovations will turn Nintendo NY into a destination all games fans will want to visit.

“Nintendo is constantly evolving its experience for fans. The new Nintendo NY store is a must-see location for anyone that has a memory of Nintendo, or who wants to see what Nintendo has in store for the future.”

26 Jan 2016

The Queens International Night Market Is Returning In April

Nell Casey from the Gothamist: It doesn’t feel like it now, but one day the snow mountains will crumble and we’ll once again be free to roam without fear of drowning in a slush lagoon. And here’s some timely news to put you in a spring-like mood: the Queens International Night Market is returning to the borough this spring! The delicious and popular weekly event will debut for its second season on April 23rd, taking up residence once again at the NY Hall of Science in Flushing Meadows Corona Park following a brief sojourn to Jamaica, Queens late last season.

Founder John Wang is currently in vendor application mode, looking for the food and craft purveyors who’ll make up the market’s offerings. “Last year, at our fullest, we approached 100 vendors on a single night. I think we will try to cap our food vendors at around 50 this year,” Wang explained. “From my experience, if there are more than that, it’s kind of a paralysis of options for the visitors. And, of course, capping the number of food stalls is better for the food vendors that are participating.”
Wang says he’s seeking to “emphasize traditional street foods” with this year’s lineup and hopes to have an even wider geographical range represented. “We had some underrepresented regions last year (such as Middle Eastern, African, and some Western European),” he admitted. “I’d like to represent as many regions, cultures, and countries as possible. I know some visitors would appreciate more vegetarian options too!”

Last year’s offerings included items like octopus-stuffed takoyaki topped with bonito flakes and kewpie mayo, griddled noodles, yakitori-style skewers with chicken, grilled squid and roti stuffed with meat and eggs. Regardless of who shows up to cook this year, Wang says the $5 price cap per item will remain in place. “I tried to make the Night Market as accessible and affordable as possible for our visitors, which meant making it as accessible and affordable as possible for vendors. The focus has always been on community, inclusiveness, and diversity, and I tried to cultivate that every step of the way.” Interested parties can apply here for the 2016 season.
Beginning in April, the market will operate Saturdays from 6 p.m. to midnight and will also include live performances in addition to the food and goods. Wang hopes to double their entertainment component from last year’s 50 and he’s also keen to highlight the non-edible portion of the market. “The more art and merchandise vendors we have this year, the closer the Night Markets gets to becoming a real community event that highlights diversity and culture… not to mention supporting local artists and businesses.”

08 Jan 2016

Governors Ball Announces Lineup for 2016!

January 8th, 2015, New York, NY — Founders Entertainment is excited to announce the lineup for the 2016 Governors Ball Music Festival. The sixth annual edition of New York City’s very own homegrown fest will take place from Friday, June 3rd through Sunday, June 5th on beautiful Randall’s Island Park. Featuring performances from Kanye West, The Strokes, The Killers, Beck, Robyn, Of Monsters And Men, Death Cab For Cutie, Chet Faker, Chvrches, Haim, Miike Snow, M83, and many many more, Governors Ball will play host to 65+ artists throughout the weekend. 3-day GA and VIP tickets are available now on Full festival lineup and poster below.
For full pricing break down including VIP packages visit
“Governors Ball once again proved that it’s the East Coast’s only true great summer festival”, wrote Rolling Stone of last year’s incredible fifth anniversary. Now heading into its sixth year, Governors Ball has cemented itself as New York City’s homegrown major music festival, while earning its place as one of the premiere live music events in North America. A feat all the more impressive when considering the “scrappily independent” — as described by The New York Times — Founders Entertainment, the promotions company behind the event. In an era of unprecedented consolidation in the live music business, the upstart hometown company successfully launched a world class music festival for fellow NYC music fans to enjoy in their own backyard.
As born and bred New Yorkers, the people behind Governors Ball are also incredibly proud of the economic impact the festival has had for the city and its residents. Governors Ball generated $49 million in economic benefits for New York City in 2015, a 29% increase over the previous summer, creating 353 local jobs and $23 million in wages in the process. Many of the jobs and economic benefits were generated in the East Harlem and South Bronx communities, which surround Randall’s Island. The festival also maintains a long track record of giving back to its community by working with, and donating to local organizations, non-profits, and community groups. More information on Governors Ball’s economic impact and community engagement may be found here.
Relive an epic weekend at Governors Ball 2015
Gov Ball 2015 Recap Film –
Aside from great music, fun in the sun lawn games, and eye catching art installations, the coming 2016 festival will again present attendees with a dizzying array of culinary options as curated by The Infatuation. New York City’s best gourmet food trucks and trend setting restaurants will be on hand to offer up their most delicious and satisfying fare to hungry music fans. A confirmed list of vendors for 2016 will be announced in the coming weeks.
Founders Entertainment is once again honored to invite attendees to Governors Ball’s festival grounds at Randall’s Island Park (supported, maintained and programmed by the Randall’s Island Park Alliance In addition to being accessible by MTA bus, foot, bike and cab, the festival will offer a Brooklyn shuttle service as well as ferry service from Mid-Town Manhattan to and from the festival grounds. This year festival attendees will also have the option of utilizing the South Bronx Greenway’s newly opened Randall’s Island Connector — a pedestrian and bicycle friendly pathway between the Bronx and Randall’s Island.
05 Jan 2016

Suspended Forest opening reception

Artist Michael Neff brings Suspended Forest, a room-filling forest of discarded Christmas trees collected from the streets of Brooklyn, to Knockdown Center for the month of January.

Suspended Forest has been shown twice previously shown in an unauthorized, unused space under the BQE along Metropolitan Avenue in Williamsburg. Those installations were removed by the city within days. The exhibition at Knockdown Center, on view for a month and configured in a grid, allows for a much different experience, most importantly time for the trees to shed their needles into halos on the smooth concrete floor below. Paired with the subtle pine fragrance of the trees and the opportunity for quiet contemplation, the exhibition encourages repeated viewing.

Saturday January 9th at 5 PM – 7 PM

Knockdown Center
52-19 Flushing Ave, Queens, New York 11378

25 Sep 2015

HONK NYC! is a 7-day street party featuring brass bands and Dancing

HONK NYC! is an independent arts festival celebrating contemporary street band spectacle & culture. The multi-day event presents free and affordably priced performances in clubs, schools, parks, gardens, galleries & other public spaces across the New York City region for one fantastic week each October.

Les Muses Tanguent in Tompkins Square Park, HONK NYC! 2014
Les Muses Tanguent in Tompkins Square Park, HONK NYC! 2014

HONK NYC! is a spin-off the decade strong, Boston-area HONK! Festival of Activist Street Bands, the founding fest of a now multi-city network of HONKs in the U.S., Brazil & Australia. Fun, revelry, audience participation & inclusivity are the hallmarks of the street band movement – the HONK! movement. Onlookers are implored to become directly engaged. Rusty musicians are encouraged to play music. “Closeted” performers are empowered to reveal themselves. All beginners are welcome. The d.i.y. credo that revolutionized music, fashion & the arts in the late 1970s has a new look: marching band.

Street bands are the PUNK OF NOW!

Chaotic Noise in Tompkins Square Park, HONK NYC! 2014
Chaotic Noise in Tompkins Square Park, HONK NYC! 2014

HONK NYC! grew from a dinner party 8 years ago for Brooklyn’s Hungry March Band & Rome’sPink Puffers Brass Band. HONK NYC! is now a week-long celebration with the participation of nearly 25 performance groups. From school visits to outdoor concerts & late-night parades, HONK NYC! presents two shows daily (sometimes more!) throughout the week.

7 Days + 300 Artists + 20 Concerts + School Programs = HONK NYC!

This year we are thrilled to be adding a handful of bands to the roster who’ve never played HONK NYC! before, including beloved local heroes, Brooklyn United Marching Band, subway superstars Drumadics, and the newest “alt” marching band in town, Funkrust Brass Band.

From Paris, for their premiere in NYC, we’ve got funky French fanfare, Les Vilains Chicot.

And…we’re bringing two acts from New Orleans up to the fest for their NYC debuts!!! Straight from Treme, we’re pleased to bring all ten members of the fantastic younger group New Creations Brass Band from the Big Easy to the Big Apple. In addition, we are super-excited that living legend Big Chief Alfred Doucette will be coming with several of his exquisite hand-stitched Mardi Gras Indian costumes, which we will exhibit in a roaming gallery.

Visit our website for our complete schedule & additions.

09 Sep 2015

Are You Hungry? Get Ready for the 89th Annual San Gennaro Festival in NYC’s Little Italy

The 89th Annual Feast of San Gennaro will be held in Little Italy for 11 days from Thursday, September 10, through Sunday, September 20, 2015, on the streets of historic Little Italy, the lower Manhattan neighborhood which served as the first home in America for hundreds of thousands of Italian immigrants who came here seeking to improve their lives beginning in the early part of the 20th century.

Presented annually since 1996 by Figli di San Gennaro, Inc. (Children of San Gennaro), a not-for-profit community organization dedicated to keeping alive the spirit and faith of the early Italian immigrants, this year’s Feast is expected once again to attract more than one-million people from the four corners of the globe to the streets of Little Italy to participate in the annual Salute to the Patron Saint of Naples.

Although this is an annual celebration of faith, the Feast of San Gennaro is known the world over for its festive atmosphere, an 11-day event featuring religious processions and colorful parades, free musical entertainment every day, a wide variety of ethnic food delicacies, charming restaurants and cafes and even a world-famous cannoli-eating competition! The central focus of the celebration takes place every September 19th, the official Saint Day when a celebratory Mass is held in Shrine Church of the Most Precious Blood, followed immediately by a religious procession in which the Statue of San Gennaro is carried from its permanent home in the church through the streets that comprise Little Italy.

Tony Danza, who starred in the musical, “Honeymoon in Vegas” this season on Broadway, will be Grand Marshal of The Grand Procession on Saturday, September 12. He will be joined by various honored guests, including elected officials and community leaders, marching bands and parade floats in the Procession which will begin at 2 PM from the corner of Mulberry and Canal Streets and proceed north on Mulberry to Houston Street.

“This Feast of San Gennaro holds a special place in the place of Italian people everywhere,” says Joseph Mattone, President of Figli di San Gennaro, Inc. “It is a festive period of faith and redemption, a time for remembrance and reconciliation, and a time for celebration. The delicious food, the free musical entertainment that reflects Italian-American culture and heritage are all there. The Feast brings the world to Little Italy and Little Italy to the world.”

There will be Free Music Entertainment every night from 7:00 to 9:30 PM (unless otherwise noted) as well as free music and/or food demonstrations and lectures every afternoon between 2:00 and 5:00 PM on the FESTIVAL STAGE located at the corner of Grand and Mott Streets. Following is the schedule of activities, concerts and live radio broadcasts on Saturday, September 12, 7:00 to 10:00 PM (WCBS 101.1 FM Radio, hosted by Joe Causi) and Saturday, September 19, 7:00 to 10:00 PM (Sirius XM) Satellite Radio (hosted by Bruce Morrow aka “Cousin Brucie).