Eagles & Butterflies, Gab Rhome | Schimanski Holiday Special

  • Schimanski 54 North 11th Street Brooklyn, NY, 11249 United States

Join us for a night where music rules our lives. Come dance inside a temple where guests are welcomed to escape into serenity.  Are you up for an adventure into the heart of Brooklyn as we dance till the night becomes day? Dance the night away with us. 

We invite you to join us at Schimanski, which is an amazing new venue space in Brooklyn, and feel alive on a beautiful Sunday night. Join the list below and we'll hook you up with free entry for you and a guest before midnight.

Sunday, February 19, 2017 (NO WORK ON MONDAY - HOLIDAY)
54 North 11th Street Brooklyn, NY, 11249


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LA based producer Chris Barratt  reaches all boundaries of the electronic music spectrum with his productions. From Down-tempo to Techno to House.

Gab Rhome


The man who, with over 50 years spent in the middle of the desert, came back to civilization and conquered your heart with his soft hands and his lush melodies.