Greatest Day Ever Festival

  • The Brooklyn Mirage Brooklyn, NY

There's something special about New York City when it comes to our distinct culture and music. Summer has always been when the city shines bright and everyone becomes part of the beautiful vibes the city spews out. But we always want something more each and every year, be it an experience, revelation or relationship. Us residents are always craving an escape from the concrete jungle that always reminds us that it can swallow us whole. I think we honestly deserve a day just to ourselves where we can enjoy a liberated sense of belonging to this giant landscape of skyscrapers, bodegas, and boroughs. I invite you to come and experience The Greatest Day Ever! 

This summer the folks at Brunch Bounce are taking you on a magical journey to the newest installation of Brooklyn Mirage. A haven of sorts that invokes a wandering soul to get lost. The Greatest Day Ever! festival can be described as an energetic music happening that combines the essence of a huge block party mixed with a community of music enthusiasts that just want to dance all day and all night.

The line-up is just what you need for a magical time at this beloved music festival. Baauer, Metro Boomin, Grandtheft, Sliink b2b Brenmar, Ape Drums, Madeintyo, Eauxzown, Mixa, and more...


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